The following is a list of documents that need to be completed as conditions for initial certification registration. Examples of documents for each certification requirement can be seen HERE. To upload documents, please follow the guide on how to upload documents. The following are the requirements needed :

1. Audit and certification registration form

2. Letter of request for audit and certification

3. Company legal documents

- Company deed

- Company NPWP

- Company NIB

- Other legal documents if needed

4. Organizational structure of the company

5. Official company letterhead and stample

6. Company logo

7. Proof of membership of the BPJS employment and health (certificate)

8. Mandatory ISO documents in according with the proposed ISO **

9. Business process flow**

** this data is allowed to follow before the adequacy audit


Attach a complete scan or copy of the required documents to:

Email : Register@qmicertification.com
Email subject : Certificate Registration "Company Name"
Attachment type : JPG,JPEG,PNG,PDF,DOC
Please remember that the document verification process takes up to 1-3 business days, we will contact you immediately.

Upload Documents Online Registration

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