Transfers of certification from other certification bodies If you're interested in transferring your certification to QMI Certification, it's easy to do: we simply pick up your certification cycle at the next scheduled visit, issuing a certificate to you in the meantime.

All you need to do is provide us with a copy of your existing certificate and schedule, and we'll be in touch to make a full proposal for certification to you. Benefits of transferring certification are:

  • Highly cost effective prices: we guarantee that our prices are amongst the best
  • Fully inclusive pricing: there are no surprises, our pricing is a simple fully inclusive daily rate: nothing else
  • Combined audits: we can combine audits of a variety of different standards, saving you audit time and so reducing costs.
  • Monthly payment schemes for smaller customers.
  • Specialist auditors: all our auditors are specialists in your processes, whether it is printing, paper, or publishing and so understand them fully.
  • Relevant and useful audits: because our auditors are specialists they are able to focus on your process, and identify the opportunities to improve it.
  • QMI Certification is accredited by ASM Global, which means our certifications have global recognition and an assurance of competence, impartiality and independence.
  • Access to new customers: we are regularly asked by buyers to provide listings of our certified customers, so that they can then contact them direct.
  • QMI Certification distinctive marks. As a certified customer of QMI Certification you can use our distinctive CMYK certification mark in combination with the renowned ASM Global symbol to promote your business.

*Simply send a copy of your existing certificate and any associated schedule, or contact QMI Certification direct.