Corporate Culture 07 Oct
1. Integrity
  • Applying To All Employees PT. Quality Management Indonesia to Implement Duties Correctly and Provide Reliable Results.
  • Guided to the Fundamental Values and Organization in Business Activities, Shown by Speech and Action Talk.
  • Every Profession in the Company is required to Protect and Maintain Company's Interest.
  • Respect, Respect, and Keep the Speech and Action.
2. Continuous Learning
  • Opening Yourself and Mind in Accepting Criticism, Feedback And Feedback from Corporate Parties and External Parties.
  • Always Increase Competence In accordance with their respective professions.
  • Finding More Effective and Efficient New Ways In Daily Work Implementation.
  • Always Share Knowledge and Experience With Colleagues, Leaders and Subordinates.
3. Motivation
  • Completed the Duties with Full Responsibility and Provide Results in the wish of the Company, because it has a sense of love to work.
  • Working Compassionate, Sincere and Grateful in Implementing trust given.
4. Creative Thinking
  • Giving Constructive Ideas and Different Views Without Fear Accepting Criticism.
  • Accepting and Being Open to New Ideas, And Able To Provide Appreciation and Self-Determination for Non-Judgment.
  • Be Flexible, Always Want to Change to Be Better and Leave the Old Way Judged Not Effective anymore.
5. Joint Concern
  • Keeping Relationships, Words and Deeds Without Sacrificing Honesty And Professionalism.
  • Listening with Full Attention, Says With Honesty, Doing It With Concern.
  • Treating Colleagues, Leaders and Subordinates with Honest, Mature and Trustworthy.
6. Responsibility
  • Responding to each task and obligations as a mandate that must be done with Full Responsibility.
  • Being Responsible for Value of Work (Individual or Group), Without Recognizing the Work of Others as His Own.
  • Solve Problems, Not Just Finding the Cause or Even Closing it.
  • Always Working with Integrity to Protect All Assets and Corporate Interests at Every Opportunity.