This list of scopes of accreditation is based on the statistical nomenclature for economic activities NACE rev. 2 published by the Commission of European Communities :
NACE rev.2

EA1 - Agriculture, fishing

EA2 - Mining and quarrying

EA3 - Food products, beverages and tobacco

EA4 - Textiles and textile products

EA5 - Leather and leather products

EA6 - Wood and wood products

EA7 - Pulp, paper and paper products

EA8 - Publishing companies

EA9 - Printing companies

EA10 - Manufacture of coke and refined petroleum products

EA11 - Nuclear fuel

EA12 - Chemicals, chemical products and fibres 20

EA13 - Pharmaceuticals

EA14 - Rubber and plastic products

EA15 - Non-metallic mineral products

EA16 - Concrete, cement, lime, plaster etc

EA17 - Basic metals and fabricated metal products 24 except 24.46, 25

EA18 - Machinery and equipment

EA19 - Electrical and optical equipment

EA20 - Shipbuilding

EA21 - Aerospace

EA22 - Other transport equipment

EA23 - Manufacturing not elsewhere classified

EA24 - Recycling

EA25 - Electricity supply

EA26 - Gas supply

EA27 - Water supply

EA28 - Construction

EA29 - Wholesale and retail trade; Repair of motor vehicles, motorcycles and personal and household goods

EA30 - Hotels and restaurants

EA31 - Transport, storage and communication

EA32 - Financial intermediation; real estate; renting

EA33 - Information technology

EA34 - Engineering services

EA35 - Other services

EA36 - Public administration

EA37 - Education

EA38 - Health and social work

EA39 - Other social services