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We offer a variety of ISO training solutions to suit your learning needs. Our trainng include awareness, understanding, implementing and internal audit, quality management systems, IMS (Integrated Management System) and IRCA licensed lead auditors training.
Our training will help you run a more effective management system and enjoy tangible business benefits including increased quality, greater efficiency, higher customer satisfaction and increased data security. Apart from this we also offer other more general training courses.
All training from QMI Training Center will be packaged in an interesting and interactive way. Our courses often refer to situations directly in the field and many include opportunities for question and answer sessions so that you can quickly practice to apply them in your company / business. We offer on-site training for groups of at least 10 people or for companies. Or if you cannot leave the table you can now use our online training to increase your knowledge by simply registering to access the required online modules.
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What is the benefit of being trained by QMI TRAINING CENTER

Able to understand the terms and concepts that exist in the management system.

Understand and be able to meet the requirements (all clauses) of each ISO series standard.

Able to meet all the rules and requirements in accordance with applicable regulations.

Have awareness, motivation and commitment to implement management systems effectively.

Able to understand and carry out the stages of implementing a management system based on PDCA.

Able to understand and carry out internal audits and management reviews correctly and effectively.

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