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ISO 14001 is the international standard for environmental management systems. Its objective is to promote business operations while simultaneously providing for sound environmental conservation by responding to social needs based on the concept of sustainability.

ISO 14001, the international standard for environmental management systems, aims to reduce environmental risks and contribute to environmental conservation while balancing these with business operation. The environmental risks involved in business activities have become diversified to an unprecedented degree, and efforts to reduce them and contribute to environmental conservation are becoming increasingly important. If your organization actively incorporates an environmental system and the effort to attain a balance between environmental aspects and business operation, such measures would be highly regarded by a wide range of stakeholders (concerned parties), as they would be able to enhance the value of organizations that are seeking sustainable development.

The effectiveness of the ISO 14001 management system in relation to the environmental management activities of organizations is highlighted in the environmental reports and corporate social responsibility (CSR) reports of many organizations. As such, certification/registration has been expanding to and prevailing among many organizations such as electric and electronic industries and other various industries.

QMI Certification adopts a broader perspective when it comes to improving environmental performance by having auditors, who have acquired a wide range of best practices, perform the assessments from the stakeholders’ perspective.

In its assessment of environmental management systems, QMI Certification tries to maintain and enhance social trust in your organization by adopting the basic stance of always considering the stakeholders point of view. Instead of conducting assessments for their own sake, there is an emphasis on business processes and job sites, as it is more desirable for the environmental management system to be integrated with business processes.

QMI Certification auditors have accumulated experience through the assessment of many organizations, and have gained a thorough grounding in a diverse range of best practices. As such, they are able to conduct assessments that serve to promote awareness among organizations and personnel and broaden their perspective as they attempt to improve environmental performance. In addition, the auditors can recommend EMS Step-Up Diagnosis and other procedures taking into account the maturity of your environmental management system.

QMI Certification ISO 14001 assessment emphasizes the following points, taking into consideration the needs of your organization as well as those of society.

1. Emphasis on business processes

- QMI Certification assessment is more than just checking compliance with the standard requirements.

- QMI Certification conducts assessments that consider the characteristics of the industry.

- QMI Certification places importance on job sites, and whether the environmental management system has been positioned and operated integrally with the flow of business processes.

2. Appropriateness and effectiveness of the system

- When conducting an assessment, QMI Certification emphasizes the appropriateness and effectiveness of the system in an effort to achieve continual improvement.

- QMI Certification focuses on the improvement of and linkage among the overall system elements, and conducts assessments that lead to enhanced performance.

3. Stakeholders’ perspective

- QMI Certification offers highly objective and fair assessments by viewing the system from the stakeholders’ perspective.

- QMI Certification conducts assessments that enhance the credibility and value of the environmental management system of your organization.

- QMI Certification focuses on the correlation between the processes of your organization and their overall profile from a third party perspective.

- QMI Certification provides opportunities for increased awareness through the assessment.

- QMI Certification offers feedback concerning system improvement and conducts assessments that help in conducting business operations.

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The Benefits of ISO 14001 certification standard :

- Cost savings in waste, recycling and consumption

- Advantage over competitors when tendering for business

- Management of environmental risks

- Compliance with individual countries environmental regulations

- Demonstrates your commitment to improving the environment

- Shows you are a responsible future focused organisation

- Can reduce insurance cover costs

- Can increase employee engagement in the knowledge that they are working in an environmentally friendly organisation

- Having a well-defined Energy Management System (EMS) framework will provide your organisation with a systematic approach to compliance. In some cases regulatory bodies are more flexible with companies with performance and public accountability records.

PT.Quality Management Indonesia focuses on several scopes according to the competency standards of our experts and auditors. We will continue to improve our personnel competency standard to expand the scope of our certification.

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