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The Leading Quality Assurance Organization

PT. Quality Management Indonesia (QMI) is a not-for-profit organization specializing in registration services for ISO management systems as well as safety testing and certification for compliance to a variety of standards, both national and international. Built on rich expertise and know-how in testing and certification, we have continuously added to our conformity assessment services, while being accredited by relevant authorities both at home and abroad, so as to meet the varied need that developed with the globalization of economy.
Today, more than half the QMI Certification staff engage in registration services for ISO management system standards. Besides, we deliver services ranging from product and component safety, to the health and safety of the public, to environmental evaluations, to the authentification of compliance to regulations for fast-growing information technologies.
Quality assurance and conformity assessment by an impartial third-party organization plays an important role in facilitating business transactions across borders. We have been strengthening our global network of services through contracted partnership with overseas providers of testing and certification services. Through such networks QMI Certification promotes cost-effective one-stop-shopping services for multiple access to safety/certification marks in major countries. Since its founding, QMI Certification has hold a high reputation as a forerunner of conformity assessment services.
Our commitment to meet the customer satisfaction of business, industry, government and consumers will become even more solid well into the new century.


Establishment of PT. Quality Management Indonesia is based on the growing and become a basic potential on the Development of Management System required by most reputable companies in Indonesia, both nationally and internationally. PT. Quality Management Indonesia at its inception has not become a “Company” and is still a CV. Quality Management Indonesia. Since 2015 we turned into PT. Quality Management Indonesia which is in accordance with the Notary Act of East Jakarta.
As the Founder and Chairman of Mr. Araafi Satriawan P began to focus on all companies that have become Clients and establish internal cooperation, about business ethics, professionalism in business and also cooperation between certification agencies in Indonesia and International. PT. Quality Management Indonesia is one of the most widely established Standards and Certification Institutions in Indonesia with reference to International Standard ISO 17021-1: 2015 and independently provides ISO and OHSAS 18001 Program and Certification for all Industry sectors supported by experts who are able to provide added value in a transparent and professional Audit Assessment System. PT. Quality Management Indonesia since 2015 has been active in several International Community and Forum. Several national and international scale training have been done as standard requirements of ISO 17021 & ISO 19011 competence.
Currently we continue to provide Effective Services related to Certification Services, Training and Assessment of all our clients. PT. Quality Management Indonesia supports Governance in terms of Quality Management System Certification, Environment, Occupational Safety and Health. In 2017 we received the “Anugerah Citra Indonesia 2017” Award which is a recommendation from the Ministry of the Republic of Indonesia and Private as “The Best Reliable Certification Company Of The Year” and we hope to keep this Award in the following Year. And in the year 2017 we also have joined in the member of “American Society for Quality” With the individual and organizational members around the world.

Our Mission

Being a Competitive, Reliable and Reliable World Class Certification Institution in the Field of Management and Training System Certification.

Our Vision

Providing Certification of Credible International Standard Management System and In accordance with ISO / IEC 17021.

Our Values

Integrity, Professionalism, Fairness.

Coorporate Culture

1. Integrity

  • Applying To All Employees PT. Quality Management Indonesia to Implement Duties Correctly and Provide Reliable Results.
  • Guided to the Fundamental Values and Organization in Business Activities, Shown by Speech and Action Talk.
  • Every Profession in the Company is required to Protect and Maintain Company’s Interest.
  • Respect, Respect, and Keep the Speech and Action.

    2. Continuous Learning

  • Opening Yourself and Mind in Accepting Criticism, Feedback And Feedback from Corporate Parties and External Parties.
  • Always Increase Competence In accordance with their respective professions.
  • Finding More Effective and Efficient New Ways In Daily Work Implementation.
  • Always Share Knowledge and Experience With Colleagues, Leaders and Subordinates.

    3. Motivation

  • Completed the Duties with Full Responsibility and Provide Results in the wish of the Company, because it has a sense of love to work.
  • Working Compassionate, Sincere and Grateful in Implementing trust given.

    4. Creative Thinking

    Giving Constructive Ideas and Different Views Without Fear Accepting Criticism. Accepting and Being Open to New Ideas, And Able To Provide Appreciation and Self-Determination for Non-Judgment. Be Flexible, Always Want to Change to Be Better and Leave the Old Way Judged Not Effective anymore.

    5. Join Concern

  • Keeping Relationships, Words and Deeds Without Sacrificing Honesty And Professionalism.
  • Listening with Full Attention, Says With Honesty, Doing It With Concern.
  • Treating Colleagues, Leaders and Subordinates with Honest, Mature and Trustworthy.

    6. Responsibility

  • Responding to each task and obligations as a mandate that must be done with Full Responsibility.
  • Being Responsible for Value of Work (Individual or Group), Without Recognizing the Work of Others as His Own.
  • Solve Problems, Not Just Finding the Cause or Even Closing it.
  • Always Working with Integrity to Protect All Assets and Corporate Interests at Every Opportunity.

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