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Certification Policy

Certification Policy
Details of the audit and certification processes are contained within a written procedure and this is available upon request. Information regarding certifications granted, suspended or withdrawn is also freely available and the validity of any QMI certificate issued may be checked at the QMI office if required. Expanding and reducing scopes

  • QMI Certification will in response to an application for expanding the scope of a certification already granted, undertake a review of the application and determine any audit activities necessary to decide whether or not the extension may be granted. This may be conducted in conjunction with a surveillance audit.
  • QMI Certification will in response to an application for extension/reduction to scope of a certification already granted, undertake a review of the application and the Certification/Deputy Manager using the contract review form decide the necessary audit activities either as a partial assessment covering the scope extension/reduction areas only (this may be carried out as part of a surveillance visit) or a full reassessment.

  • It may be necessary for QMI Certification to conduct audits of certified clients at short notice or unannounced to investigate complaints, or in response to changes, or as follow up on suspended clients. In such cases:

  • QMI Certification describe and make known in advance to the certified clients the conditions under which such audits will be conducted.
  • QMI Certification do exercise additional care in the assignment of the audit team because of the lack of opportunity for the client to object to audit team members.

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